The Maze Runner (#1)

The book starts out with Thomas being inside a dark lift.  It was cold and dusty.  He couldn’t remember anything about where he had come from or where he was.  He could only remember his name.  He was so confused, he had forgotten almost everything he knew about the world or anything else.  The lift was going up and swaying a lot.  Then, the lift came to a stop, and he was jolted out.  He layed on the ground for a few minutes.  Then he heard voices, he looked up and saw that they were teenage guys.  One of the boys told him he had come to a place called “The Glade”.  The boys talked in English, they just had their own slang stuck in here and there.  One of the boy’s names was Alby.  Alby told Thomas to avoid being killed, and try to survive.  Then Alby said he would give Thomas a tour.

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