A True Hero

A couple years back, there was just an everyday starbucks barista named Sandra Anderson.  There was a customer that came like every day.  She kind of got to know her a little, but not that much.  So anyway, Sandra learned that the customer was in need of a kidney, and none of her family members had the same blood type.  So Sandra said that she would go and get a blood test and if they had the same blood type, she would do a kidney transplant. Soit turned out that they were the same blood type.  So Sandra gave one of her kidneys to this customer that she hardly knew.  The customer was so happy and thanked her a lot.  Now they are like best friends!  I think that only a true hero could give up a kidney for someone she hardly knew.


A Book Review By Mandy… Justin Bieber Edition

Ok, so yesterday I got the Justin Bieber First Step 2 Forever: My Story book.  I was sooo excited! It is a really good book! It is 100% official because Justin Bieber himself wrote it! I love it!  I haven’t finished it yet, I’m on page 93 (which is pretty impressive considering I don’t read that much).  In the beginning, there is a little intro thing, and he tells me how much he loves me…(well ya know,  the rest of his fans too) But anyway, he calls us his “Favorite Girl”. So it is a pretty awesome book, it has a bunch of exclusive pictures along with stories that he told about his tour, concert, fans, and some stories from when before he was famous too!  Like some stories in Canada when he got in trouble with his mom, or a time when him and his friends got picked up by the Po Po! hahaha well Anyway this is a really great book!  I’ve learned so much about him.  So, if you like Justin Bieber, well then you should probably read this book! 🙂

The Maze Runner (#1)

The book starts out with Thomas being inside a dark lift.  It was cold and dusty.  He couldn’t remember anything about where he had come from or where he was.  He could only remember his name.  He was so confused, he had forgotten almost everything he knew about the world or anything else.  The lift was going up and swaying a lot.  Then, the lift came to a stop, and he was jolted out.  He layed on the ground for a few minutes.  Then he heard voices, he looked up and saw that they were teenage guys.  One of the boys told him he had come to a place called “The Glade”.  The boys talked in English, they just had their own slang stuck in here and there.  One of the boy’s names was Alby.  Alby told Thomas to avoid being killed, and try to survive.  Then Alby said he would give Thomas a tour.

James Dashner

James Dashner is the author of the book I am reading, The Maze Runner.  He was born and raised in Georgia. Now he lives in Utah, and has a wife and four kids.  Besides writing The Maze Runner, he has written a lot of other books, such as The 13th Reality Series.

Mystery Book

Hello, I am reading The Maze Runner for English.  We had to pick out a mystery book, so I chose that one.  It looks like a pretty good book.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be blogging about where I am in the book and what’s happening.


Questionable Soup

I went to Quiznos today and got some soup with my sandwich.  It was supposed to be chicken noodle soup, but it was green.  I can’t describe the taste….. but it was weird!  Also, my drink tasted like a mix of plastic and some burnt candle wax.  Now I am scared.